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Promote Recovery with Postoperative Surgical Garments

Undergoing surgery is a stressful event, but a quick recovery period can reduce stress. Encourage your patient's return to health by using postoperative surgical garments made by Patients Direct, that are designed specifically to promote the healing process. Not only do they help physically, but they also provide peace of mind for patients that they are taking active steps to accelerate and ensure their recovery. At Patients Direct, we have been helping patients for more than 30 years and have a wide variety of comfortable and convenient garments for women and men alike. We serve the needs of doctors and their patients with all our form-fitting products.

Products for Every Patient

Surgical recovery is sometimes a long and painful process, which can be accompanied by complications in certain instances. It is our goal to decrease recovery time for patients and minimize the risk of problems. We have more than 100 styles of postoperative garments that include:

  • Bras
  • Girdles
  • Facial Wear
  • Other Surgical Compression Garments

We also produce custom garments if our inventory does not include items that meet the needs of your patient. This is vital as the garments are only effective if the patient wears them, and that's why we design them to be comfortable and easy to use.

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Mission Statement

At Patients Direct, our vision is to create a comfortable surgical garment that helps ease patients through the recovery process after surgery. Our business model supports this vision by offering a wide range of high quality, low-cost surgical garments that fit all unique body styles. Our goal is to remain a family-owned business and deliver premium quality products at the lowest cost that are made in the USA.

Company History

After nearly a quarter-century of experience in the undergarment manufacturing and retailing world, our founders became aware of a glaring need in the post-surgical compression garments market. Patients form-fitting bras, compression vests, zippered girdles, and bodysuits capable of providing the right level of support. A surgical procedure can leave a patient at risk for increased swelling and blood clots, which can hamper the process of recovery.

Addressing this need in the market led to the founding of our group, which manufactures a product line of more than 100 support garments for both men and women. Physicians want the best for their patients, and that includes form-fitting clothes that provide the proper amount of support. Many of the existing products failed to offer the comfort and support that many patients need to complete their recovery successfully.

Our founders formed a company that provided physicians with solutions. Comfortable postoperative bras, facial wear, and other undergarments that improve circulation and the healing process are now available in customized sizes. The following is a message directly from our founder.

An American Success Story

For 25 years, my wife and I were wholesaling lingerie to big department stores as well as small mom and pop stores. Frequently, physicians would call and ask where they could buy postoperative bras and girdles. It became clear there was a real need for these products. Given this void, my wife and I opened Foundations Too in 1985, offering full-scale postoperative compression garments, which are distributed worldwide and made in the USA.

We have had huge success and grown exponentially over the past decades without compromising our commitment to our valued customers. We remain true to our goal to provide our customers around the world with high-quality products at a low cost. It is our honor to continue as a family-owned, made-in-America business.

We are truly grateful for our customers and acknowledge that our success is because of them.

John Dietrich

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits and costs associated with our postoperative surgical garments. We proudly serve patients in Dallas, Texas, and throughout the world.