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Postoperative Garments

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Direct Source for Postoperative Compression Garments


Soft Elastic Band, Adjustable Hook & Loop
Foam Closure, Chin Cut Out, Latex Free


Supportive Band, Front Hook & Eye Closure Bra, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Latex Free


"HW, 2 or 4" Waistband, Open Crotch, Side Zipper Closures, Padded Hook & Eye Backing, Available in Various Lengths, Latex Free

Comfort, support, and freedom of movement are all the keys to a successful recovery from surgery. At Patients Direct, our postoperative compression garments in Dallas, TX, let you enhance your after-operation experience and ensure a greater chance for good health in the future. We manufacture high-quality products using proven materials that blend effective support with a free range of motion.

Informed by more than three decades of experience, we deliver results you can count on when you need a stress-free recovery. In addition to a wide range of in-stock products, we also offer custom order options that let you tailor your garments to you or your patients' unique needs. Don't settle when your health is on the line—get the best possible support directly from your worldwide supplier. Available postoperative garments include:

  • Facial Wear
  • Breast Support
  • Zippered Girdles
  • Compression Vests
  • Binders
  • Pull-On Girdles
  • Bodysuits
  • Male Garments
  • Arm Garments
  • Compression Vests
  • Photo Panties

All products are manufactured in the US and we ship anywhere in the world.

FAQs about Our Medical Compression Garments

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Why Our Garments Matter

We are a one-stop-shop for both patients and doctors to get the garments they need. For patients, our pricing and quality make us the definitive choice when they receive a physician's order for compression wear. For doctors, we offer a more reliable alternative to giving those orders—simply get your patients the right option from our store and breathe easy knowing that they have the right postoperative surgical garments for an effective recovery.

These pieces of clothing are a vital tool in your healing arsenal after many kinds of surgery. They help prevent swelling, improve blood flow, and prevent clots and bruising. Additionally, many types of medical compression garments are useful in the treatment of conditions like chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, lymphedema, post-thrombotic syndrome, diabetes, and more.

Prevent Complications and Provide a Better Patient Experience

With our garments, wearers can avoid some of the biggest dangers along the road to recovery. That advantage means more safety for patients, more patient satisfaction for doctors, and less risk associated with life-saving and enhancing surgeries. Experience the results for yourself by purchasing from us the next time you need a compression garment.

Contact us with questions or to place a custom order. We're proudly based in Dallas but offer worldwide shipping.
Made in the U.S.A